Wreck hunting again

Over on my Wild Great Lakes site, I’ve been wreck hunting again, this time to verify the locations of two cruising boats, the Elton III and Sloopy, on the east side of Giant’s Tomb Island.

“Jackson’s Wars” cover

I’m quite pleased to share the cover art for my forthcoming Jackson’s Wars: A.Y. Jackson, the Birth of the Group of Seven, and the Great War, fresh from the publisher, McGill-Queen’s University Press. The book is slated for publication in Spring 2022. The cover features a detail of A Screened Road (1918), (reproduced in full... Continue Reading →


This summer, as the third wave of a pernicious pandemic waned in Ontario, I decided, as one does, to find a shipwreck. The quest seemed appropriate to the times. After about fifteen months of fear, isolation, professional and personal disruption, and daily reports of deaths and infections, why not celebrate the return to something resembling... Continue Reading →

Jackson’s Wars: an update

It’s been a long, strange trip, riding these covid waves, but my book on A.Y. Jackson is nearing completion. “Jackson’s Wars” is now going into copyedit at McGill-Queen’s University Press, I’m finalizing images, and if we can keep it on track, it will be out in Spring 2022. Stay tuned.

Cormorant Tree, Monument Channel

Cormorant Tree, Monument Channel After executing a fair bit of drawing work in the fall of 2018 and into early 2019, I went through a two-year lull in which I didn’t produce a single new finished drawing. There were a lot of stops and starts and abandonments, and distractions of writing work. I have finally... Continue Reading →

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