A.Y. Jackson and the art of violence

Le Déluge, Nicolas Poussin. Collection: The Louvre The summer of 1909 was a collision of the traditional and the modern for A.Y. Jackson. Whether in Europe or Canada, as an artist he was persistently attracted to what he called the “picturesque,” which invariably meant preindustrial rusticity and gentle decay. He complained that Dordrecht “is a … Continue reading A.Y. Jackson and the art of violence

What’s in a name?

The twitterverse and media had all sorts of fun with the boys’ and girls’ names registered in Alberta in 2018. Released in January 2019 under the province’s open government policy, the lists of baby names included some real, well, horrors. Who names their son “Despot”? Who names their daughter “Anger”? What kind of marriage ceremony … Continue reading What’s in a name?