My Twitter war: How it’s goin’, eh.

Way back on October 4, I made a lengthy post about how I was initiating a major change in how I engaged with Twitter, listing a whole mess of reasons I found the platform problematic and why I was largely backing away from it. It’s been 17 days, and I am here to report that my Twitter Strategy has been somewhat modified—as those of you who follow me have probably noticed.

My assessment of the problems with Twitter have not changed. But I was unsatisfied with my solution, of only using the website as a platform for announcing new work and initiatives. The strategy very quickly felt selfish. I was only posting what I wanted others to know about me, and not making an effort to pay attention to what they were doing. I realized that I should either find some way to engage, or leave altogether and just let people learn what I’m up to through search engines.

As a result, I have been slowly re-engaging, in a limited degree, both in the amount of time I am on the site and the amount I am tweeting, commenting, or retweeting. Avoiding the timesuck (and the negativity) I outlined earlier nevertheless remains a priority. I’m monitoring closely how much time I’m on the website and generally refraining from most comment. If this doesn’t work, I’ll be leaving altogether.

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