The remarkable Gribshunden find: a 1495 shipwreck revolutionizing our understanding of a critical age of sail

A detail of the Gribshunden wreck, fig. 12 in the 2021 archaeologists' report. Smithsonian Magazine this month has a feature article on the most recent underwater archaeology performed on the Gribshunden (Greyhound), a heavily-armed flagship of King Hans of Denmark that caught fire, exploded, and sank on the coast of Sweden in 1495. Despite the... Continue Reading →


Like history? Marine archaeology? And every point in between? Thanks to a citation in a recent article in the Guardian, I discovered this quarterly magazine, Wreckwatch. Produced in Britain, it's written by actual marine archaeologists and historians, is very readable, roams the globe in content, and is full of nerd-out imagery. Even better: it's free.... Continue Reading →

A.Y. Jackson and the Hallobobs

69 Hallowell Avenue in Montreal's Westmount neighbourhood While I was in Montreal last week, conducting interviews for a new project, I had the chance (that covid travel lockdowns had denied me) of swinging by an address that figures prominently in my forthcoming book Jackson's Wars. The three-storey row house at 69 Hallowell Avenue, on the... Continue Reading →

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