So…what’s new?

The Waubuno, lost with everyone aboard on Georgian Bay, November 22, 1879

We’re into 2023 now, and I’ve been busy with a few new things since Jackson’s Wars was published in May 2022, while still supporting the book with presentations. I have a truly fascinating biography coming from Barlow Books, Repairing the World, on Montreal’s inimitable force of nature, Sheila Kussner, about which I will share more at pub time. There’s a new Tom Thomson show in the works at the McMichael this summer, and I will have an essay in the catalogue on a long-overlooked aspect of his life: a persistent attempt to cast him in Indigenous terms. I have also returned to a project I have been chipping away at since 2008, when I first took an interest in the loss of the steamer Waubuno on Georgian Bay in 1879. That interest is taking form as a manuscript on the horrendous decade of steamship losses on Canada’s inland waters from 1872 to 1882. I haven’t gone to a publisher yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

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