Remembering Bill Hunter

My father, William J. (Bill) Hunter, died a year ago today, at age 90. My younger sister Susan texted me with this photo of him as a young man in his sailing glory: "Remembering dad with so much love, hard to believe a year has passed already. Miss his great joy of living." I miss... Continue Reading →

The Place of Stone: now in paperback!

The usual supply-chain nightmares plaguing book publishing in these covid days have been overcome, and I am pleased to say that a paperback edition of The Place of Stone, which had an official release date of November 2021, has now been published by University of North Carolina Press at $29.95. UNC Press brought out the... Continue Reading →

Jackson’s Wars exists!

Well, it now exists on the McGill-Queen's University Press website. And I think you can still get a discount by ordering by phone or email as per the graphic. “Providing much of the book's original content is Hunter's impressive use of unpublished archival materials, featuring samples that are new, compelling, and important to our understanding... Continue Reading →

So…what was a late 15th-century English coin doing in the ruins of an early 17th-century English settlement in Newfoundland?

An example of a half-groat silver coin, minted at Canterbury during the reign of Henry VII from 1493 to 1499. By The Portable Antiquities Scheme/ The Trustees of the British Museum, CC BY-SA 4.0, There's been a bit of archaeological buzz over the recently announced discovery of probably the oldest English coin ever found... Continue Reading →

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