How do you reach/follow me? And buy my books?

How do you find my books?

All of my books that are in print (including e-book format) are readily ordered through the usual retail options. I encourage readers to support their local independent bookstores.

Am I on Facetwitter or whatever?

I’m on Facebook, but only for Georgian Bay boating and local history (and I only belong to groups and have no “friends”). You can receive updates on my professional activities on Twitter “at” DWHauthor, but I’m not active otherwise, so don’t DM me or address a post to me if you want to reach me.

How do you hire me?

I am happy to discuss any prospective assignment, without a meter running. On book-related projects, I am represented by Hilary McMahon at WCA.

How do I get in touch with you?

To contact me directly, email me here.

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