How do you reach/follow me? And buy my books?

How do you find my books?

All of my books that are in print (including e-book format) are readily ordered through the usual retail options. I encourage readers to support their local independent bookstores, but you can also find my books currently in print or available as an ebook at my Amazon Author Central page. To find my available titles at Chapters Indigo, go here. Many of my books are available through your friendly local library.

Am I on Facetwitter or whatever?

I’m not on Facebook. I have a Twitter account, but I am not active and have maintained it only to avoid some malicious entity squatting on my profile, should I delete it. You can follow me on Mastodon at I’m also happy to hear from people via my email contact (below) and I do my best to respond promptly and helpfully. You can also post comments to items on this website.

How do you hire me?

I’ll discuss any prospective assignment, without a meter running. On book-related projects, I am represented by Hilary McMahon at WCA.

Can you speak at my event or to my organization?

I do field a fair number of requests for speaking engagements. I ask for an honorarium, to cover my time, preparation, and expenses. I can also appear remotely (by Zoom, for example).

How do I get in touch with you?

Email me here.

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