Jackson’s Wars is now in hand

My author copies of Jackson's Wars arrived today, which was a day after my sister in B.C. received the copy she pre-ordered at discount through the distributor, University of Toronto Press. The book is officially published by McGill-Queen's University Press on May 15, but it should start appearing in retail settings pretty soon. Amazon is... Continue Reading →

Hot off the press: Jackson’s Wars!

I've just received word (and photographic proof, complete with editor Jonathan Crago's arm) from McGill-Queen's that Jackson's Wars is off the press. After four years of toil, I'm greatly looking forward to actually holding a copy. And I was delighted to see the blurbs from Ross King and Irene Gammel.

Remembering Bill Hunter

My father, William J. (Bill) Hunter, died a year ago today, at age 90. My younger sister Susan texted me with this photo of him as a young man in his sailing glory: "Remembering dad with so much love, hard to believe a year has passed already. Miss his great joy of living." I miss... Continue Reading →

The Place of Stone: now in paperback!

The usual supply-chain nightmares plaguing book publishing in these covid days have been overcome, and I am pleased to say that a paperback edition of The Place of Stone, which had an official release date of November 2021, has now been published by University of North Carolina Press at $29.95. UNC Press brought out the... Continue Reading →

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