Double Double

18589CA8-476E-4C44-ADCE-D71487B5C2C7From the publisher: Everywhere we look, it seems, we see a Tim Hortons restaurant. The chain known foremost for its coffee has become a Canadian icon, ranking with hockey among the country’s cultural touchstones. These pubs without alcohol, as they’ve been termed, dot street corners and highway rest stops nationwide. They have become not only meeting places for regular Canadians, but also must-visit locations for our campaigning politicians and oases for Canadian soldiers overseas. For many Tim’s lovers, this chain has established an enduring connection to what it means to be Canadian.

Double Double: How Tim Horton’s Became a Canadian Way of Life, One Cup at a Time, by Douglas Hunter. Harper Collins Canada, 2012. Finalist for the National Business Book Award (2013).

Double Double is the first book to approach the company from a wide angle—from the life of its co-founder, Tim Horton, to the growth of the business under the steady hand of Ron Joyce, after Horton’s death; to the company’s merger with the American fast-food chain Wendy’s and its eventual repatriation to Canada. A fascinating business story, Double Double reveals how the company has become an important element of Canadian politics. It also examines how the American expansion has panned out and why Canadians are so dedicated to Tim Hortons’ menu.

As Tim Hortons faces new challenges in the ever-evolving world of fast food, Double Double sheds light on the chain’s fight to maintain its status as one of Canada’s most respected consumer brands in an increasingly competitive business.

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