When I started my professional life, my only formal training was as an artist. (I studied Fine Arts at McMaster University, graduating with a B.A. in 1980. Since then I completed the Canadian Securities Course as a financial journalist and added a PhD in history in 2015.) Over the years I have executed a number of maps and illustrations for my own books.  A Breed Apart (Penguin Canada 1995) and Champions (Penguin Canada 1997) in  particular were heavily illustrated by me (I also did the page design and image research). Yacht Design Explained (W.W. Norton 1998) was a joint effort with Steve Killing (for which I also did the page design). We cooperated on most of the drawings and charts, but a few I drew myself, such as the vintage “sandbagger” sailboat, below. My work has also appeared in a number of magazines, including Sailing World, Cruising World, Cottage Life and The Beaver (now Canada’s History). I have also executed illustrations for books by other authors, including Icewine (Key Porter 2007), Ghost Mountains and Vanished Oceans (Key Porter 2009), Young Mr. Obama (Bloomsbury USA 2010), The Hustle (Bloomsbury USA 2010), Lunch-Bucket Lives (Between the Lines 2015), and A Guest at the Shooters’ Banquet (Bloomsbury USA 2015). For more examples of my work, email me.

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