After more than thirty years in the business as an editor, freelance writer, researcher, communications consultant, and illustrator, I have a broad skill set that includes an award-winning ability to write compelling narrative prose, a disciplined approach to managing projects, a high level of scholarly achievement, original analysis, an ability to read French sources, and considerable experience in many different forms of research, ranging from first-person interviews to archival research to genealogical sleuthing. I’m mainly known for writing books and articles under my own byline, but I also help other people tell their stories, whether that’s at book or magazine-article length, and can craft speeches that capture the client’s voice and deliver an effective message. I have also provided consulting to museums on the content of exhibitions. I am available for public speaking on areas in which I’ve published.

In graphic design and illustration, I packaged three of my own books (A Breed Apart, Champions, and Yacht Design Explained), and designed Allen Smutylo’s award winning Wild Places Wild Hearts. I’m particularly known for my maps, which have appeared in many of my own books as well as those by other authors at leading publishing houses. See the Illustrations page for more.