Kind words from Lorne Huston on “Jackson’s Wars”

Montreal cultural historian Lorne Huston has some nice things to say about Jackson’s Wars in the Spring 2023 issue of MCLL News, the newsletter of the McGill School of Continuing Studies. He writes in part: “Hunter has done his homework. He keeps an open but critical mind as he combs through a vast archive of Jackson’s private papers, some only recently available to the public. He navigates gracefully through complex conceptual debates in art history, without getting bogged down in jargon. And his mastery of the historical context – the way artists were trained, the choices they faced, the career models open to them – is fascinating. At the same time, Hunter comments astutely on specific paintings, reproduced in over 40 colour plates within the book. This book shows us another side of A.Y. Jackson, less heroic perhaps, but more human as he struggles to survive.”

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